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Заочное Английский язык МЭСИ (семестр 2) без ответов


A personnel manager should be a good _______.

After three months of _______ she got a certificate.

An effective manager should be _______.

Are you _______ with your job?

Did they give you any _______ when you were laid off?

Do your employees get any _______ for good work?

Good _______ increases a chance to find a good job.

He coordinates and controls the work of _______ personnel in the company.

How do you plan to go up the career _______?

I _______ a team of 30 people.

I work as a _______ .

I’m sorry, I won’t do this - it’s not in my job_______!

Managers are usually called _______ staff.

Mary was _______ to a top manager.

Now with the development of computer and IT more and more people do _______ .

One of the main responsibilities of a manager is to _______ problems.

People working in state organizations usually have a full social _______.

She looks tired because recently she has worked _______ a lot.

She works at a human resources _______.

The work of a manager is quite _______ .

Today it’s the period of economic crisis so many people stayed _______ .

Today the majority of office managers work _______ .

We need our managers to be self-_______.

What are your work _______?

What is an average _______ of a manager in a year?

Work in the sphere of _______ is mostly intellectual.

Work of a top manager is _______.

Working in a federal organization usually provides some _______ .

You didn’t mention in your CV if you’ve had any managerial _______.

Your main responsibility will be to _______ the novices.

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