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Заочное Английский язык МЭСИ (4 семестр) без ответов


About one thousand people … in that factory


Apart from … minor problems, the trip was a great success.


At the weekend they have to do all the housework, … they?


British culture is very different from … .


By six o’clock I am too tires to do … else


By the time he came back the house … by an American.


Can you tell me … about this monument?


Did … phone me when I was out?


Every major city keeps … and London is no exception.


He asked me if he … use my phone


He felt like … the whole affair.


He has done … research on the subject


He is … man I’ve ever known.


He looks very ill. He … have stayed at home


He works … because he is highly paid


He … have got top marks in the exams. He is so lazy!


His reading was … than ever before


His train … be late because it’s always on time


How long … you been working on the project?


I am looking forward… you again soon


I can’t stand waiting in airports. - … .


I don’t like football and my brother doesn’t …


I expect … an answer soon.


I had two good friends at school, one was in my class and … wasn’t


I have a boring job. - … .


I missed the concert because … told me about it


I saw her … but I don’t remember where.


I want to speak to you before you …


I was sure I … him somewhere before


I wondered whether he … a fax machine

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