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Стилистика английского языка - ответы на тесты Педкампус

The main aims of Stylistics are: to analyze the choice of a definite language means in a row of synonymous forms expressing the thought to convey the information most fully and effectively; to analyze different expressive means in the languagehierarchy

The style of scientific prose has such subdivisions: the style of humanitarian sciences; the style of exact sciences; the style of exact sciences

The Sub-styles of Newspaper Functional Style are: advertisements; brief news items and communiqués; headlines

The substyles of official style are: style of business letters; style of legal documents; style of military document

We may distinguish the following styles within the English literary language: all

Укажите поропущенный термин: "... is an oral prepared speech aimed at informing the listener, elucidating and affecting him/her." Oratory

Укажите пропущенное слово "... is a product of individual choices and patterns of choices among linguistic possibilities." Style

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... analyses the stylistic resources not inherent in a separate language but at the crossroads of two languages, or two literatures and is obviously linked to the theory oftranslation." Comparative stylistics

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... are coarse words with a strong emotive meaning, mostlyderogatory, normally avoided in polite conversation." Vulgarisms

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... deals in fact with all the subdivisions of the language and all their possible usages, is the most all-embracing, "global" trend in style study." Functional stylistics

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... deals with texts within different sciences and professions, but studies mainly deviations from the norm not typicalfeatures." Speech stylistics

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... deals with the expressive order of words, types of syntactic links, figures of speech, etc." Stylistic Syntax

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... investigates the specific character of language subsystems which obtain particular vocabulary, phraseology and syntax; studies the text characteristic features – expressive, emotional and evaluative." Language stylistics

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... is a branch of general linguistics which investigates the principles and the effect of the choice and usage of various language means to convey thoughts and emotions in different communication conditions". Style Study

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... is a small piece of prose on abstract philosophical, literary critical or ethical topic." Essay

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... is engaged in the study of style-forming phonetic features of the text. It describes the prosodic features of prose and poetry and variants of pronunciation in different types of speech." Phonostylistics

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... is interested in the stylistic potentials of specific grammatical forms and categories, such as the number of the noun, or the peculiar use of tense forms of the verbs, etc." Stylistic Morphology

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... studies stylistically coloured language means, expressive abilities and semantic nuances of words, forms and constructions." Stylistics of resources

Укажите пропущенный термин: "... studies the semantic structure of the word and the interrelation of the denotative and connotative meaning of the word, as well as the interrelation of the stylistic connotations of the word and the context." Stylistic lexicology

Укажите пропущенный термины "... are words used exclusively in poetry and the like." Poeticisms

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