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Иностранный язык (Английский) МЭСИ без ответов

  1. A leader … be able to communicate with his people.
  2. All goods are known to be produced by our firm.
  3. At the moment we … for a new brand name that suggests something about the product’s benefits and qualities.
  4. Branch managers insisted on being told the result.
  5. By the end of the year we … over 20 complaints about our salesman.
  6. Each program is tested after having been introduced into system.
  7. Earnings per share … a company’s profit divided by the number of its shares.
  8. Fair trade was designed to reduce the injustices of the world trading system.
  9. Government departments produce information influencing the rate of inflation.
  10. Having calculated the profit, the shareholders decided to sell shares of the plant.
  11. Having compared their advertising campaign to competitors’ one, they invested a lot of money on creating new slogans.
  12. He was looking through the mail received the day before.
  13. I assume the problem to be rather difficult but we must solve it.
  14. I saw her make excellent quality control in the factory.
  15. I … to go to the bank yesterday to get some money.
  16. If I had known about their financial problems, I … business with them.
  17. If company makes change, staff … to provide their own car for business use.
  18. If interest rates are increasing, bank loans … more expensive.
  19. If sales drop further, they … in serious financial difficulty.
  20. If sales increased, the Director … happier.
  21. If that happens, our market share … down.
  22. If we didn’t have to cut jobs, the trade unions … much more happier.
  23. If we got a virus on the network, we … all our data.
  24. If we hadn’t offered a lower price, we … the contract.
  25. If you have something to sell, you … place an advert in the local newspaper.
  26. In future, staff … to go through a barrier where they insert an identity card.
  27. I’d like you to conclude the contract in the near future.
  28. I’m having an interview tomorrow. I … to be at the office at 3 p.m.
  29. Just recently, we … into negotiations with Macy’s department stores.
  30. Last year we … our fifth consecutive year of growth with $98 million in net profit.

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