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Английский язык. Язык СМИ Тест с ответами

1. Someone who commits a lot of crimes and goes on committing them is a __________________.
• persistent offender

2. Our front page today gives details of the government’s new economic proposals. Our readers may think, as we do, that these measures are too little and too late. We say to the government, not for the first time, it is time...
• editorial

3. I belong to a great __________________. I e-mail those who are interested in 1960s music every day.
• chat forum

4. Choose the right answer: Think of it __________________. If the Internet were a book __________________ a webside would be a page in it.
• like this; then

5. The final stages in a competitive situation or a conflict, especially when the final outcome is not clear, are the __________________.
• endgame


6. Choose the right answer: Do you write to many __________________?.
• people

7. Choose the right answer: I’ve advertised __________________ in the paper. I hope I can sell it.
• my big red coat

8. Choose the right answer: Let’s go and buy __________________ television!.
• another

9. Choose the right answer: You get so many exciting letters and postcards. 
• always

10. A computer that fits on a desk, used by individuals at work or at home, is __________________.
• desktop

11. Choose the right answer: A: I don’t like to watch TV. — B: I don’t __________________.
• either

12. Choose the right answer: The so-called “popular” tabloids of Britain give a great deal of their space to __________________.
• sensations

13. Choose the right answer: “Popular” newspaper use gigantic __________________ and heavily illustrated __________________.
• headlines; advrtisments

14. Choose the right answer: British evening papers give full __________________ of major sporting events.
• account

15. Choose the right answer: Who is a videot?
• video-addicted man

16. A piece of equipment that sends information from one computer along telephone lines to another computer is __________________.
• modem

17. Choose the right answer: She said that __________________ wrote back to her.
• nobody

18. Hidden instructions in a program designed to destroy information is __________________.
• virus

19. Choose the right answer: Columns and other nonnews matterare called __________________.
• features

20. If you use a __________________ in order to achieve your goal, you use subtle means whose purpose may not be immediately clear to others and which often involve taking a risk.
• gambit

21. Choose the right answer: A __________________ is advance information, warning.
• notice

22. It’s so easy to use a __________________ when you want to send photographs to friends by e-mail. It’s just like using a photocopier.
• scanner

23. When market prices are rising or making gains, or gaining ground, journalists, traders and investors talk about a __________________.
• bull market

24. Choose the right answer: We talked all night __________________ about old days.
• past

25. A huge portion of the internet containing linked docu, ents, called pages, is __________________.
• the Web

26. The memory available on a computer to store and use information temporarily, usually measured in megabytes, is __________________.

27. Choose the right answer: The papers devote their front __________________ to the pictures.
• pages

28. Choose the right answer: A __________________ is responsible for seeing that the continuity between one scene and another in a film is correct — for making sure that people do not suddenly wear different earrings.
• continuity person

29. Choose the right answer: I like __________________ this magazine.
• the look of

30. Choose the right answer: __________________ is the general term for editorial matter other than leading articles or features.
• story

31. Choose the right answer: Much __________________ in small newspapers is received from news agencies.
• matter

32. Hundreds of supporters shouted “Free her now” when Kiran awalia was __________________ bail.
• refused

33. Choose the right answer: E-mail makes keeping __________________ contact really easy.
• in

34. When prices are falling or losing ground, traders talk about a __________________.
• bear market

35. Computer equipment or machinery is __________________.
• hardware

36. Choose the right answer: Who is a a couch potato?
• TV viewer

37. Choose the right answer: Are you __________________ the Internet?.
• on

38. Choose the right answer: Do you send __________________ e-mail?.
• much

39. The synonym to the word “editorial” is __________________.
• leader

40. A small plastic disk that stores information is __________________.
• floppy

41. Choose the right answer: The “quality” press represents the interests of the __________________ and of major political parties of Britain.
• government

42. Choose the right answer: A short wave or a VHF radio can __________________ many interesting stations.
• pick up

43. I __________________ a good program from the Internet the other day. Would you like a copy?
• downloaded

44. I’ve lost a lot of data. I wonder if my computer has a __________________.
• virus

45. If you want some photos of the USA, you could just try __________________ the Web. You’ll be amazed how many you can find.
• surfing

46. Writing and storing printed text on a computer is __________________.
• word processing

47. Choose the right answer: The main news story was __________________ on the front page.
• carried

48. Mix two egg yolks wit butter in a frying-pan over a lowgas. Add sugar and then...
• recipe

49. Choose the right answer: Children of ten prefer looking at __________________ to reading books.
• comics

50. Choose the right answer: Before showing the film on TV they __________________ it.
• censored

51. A meeting place on the Internet for discussion of a particular topic is __________________.
• newsgroup

52. I tried to send the photos by e-mail as an __________________ but the server was __________________.
• attachment, down

53. Across:1. kind of tree (5), 2. child (3), 4. performed (5)...
• crossword clues

54. The BBC is financed __________________ payments which are made __________________ all people who have TV-sets.
• by, by

55. In London the dollar __________________ by a tiny margin at the outset.
• edged up

56. Choose the right answer: A __________________ is a magazine that comes out once a week as an addition to a newspaper.
• colour supplement

57. John Butcher, Conservative MP for Coventry South West, has campaigned in the Midlands for habitual violent offenders to be __________________ bail.
• denied

58. Choose the right answer: The sports page speaks for itself: its __________________ is lively, remarkably full and many-sided.
• coverage

59. Choose the right answer: A __________________ is the name given to an academic magazine.
• journal

60. A document on the Web giving information about a person or institution is a __________________.
• home page

61. A hard-hitting documentary series starts tonight at 10 p.m. Viewers might be shocked at scenes of...
• television preview

62. A pair of silver George II candlesticks fetched 17 000 pounds. Bidding was slow for Victorian oil paintings but a landscape by Somers went for 55 000 pounds.
• auction report

63. Choose the right answer: The rise of the periodically published newspapers came with the invention of __________________.
• printing

64. Robson equalized with a header from five yards just before the half-time whistle.
• football

65. Where there are no clear winners or losers in a competitive situation, or no apparent solution to a conflict, there is __________________.
• stalemate

66. Choose the right answer: “Popular” newspapers are mass-sall sensational publications with huge __________________.
• circulations

67. Choose the right answer: Mrs. Wise thinks there is __________________ violence on TV.
• too much

68. Choose the right answer: Two reporters were sent to cover the foods __________________.
• story

69. Choose the right answer: Although our __________________ was expensive, we’ve taken some priceless film of our children.
• camcorder

70. Breach of privacy outside someone’s house is __________________.
• doorstepping

71. To transfer data or software from a large computer to a small one is __________________.
• to download

72. Although best levels were not held, shares __________________.
• advanced

73. Choose the right answer: He regularly __________________ the theatre column.
• comtributes

74. Choose the right answer: The US press is characterized by an increasing concentration of power; the stronger papers __________________ the weaker ones.
• absorb

75. A lightweight portable computer that usually fits in a briefcase is __________________.
• laptop

76. Choose the right answer: The major news story had a __________________ headline.
• double-column

77. Choose the right answer: He doesn’t even get up from the sofa to change channels; he just presses __________________ on the __________________.
• buttons; remote control

78. Choose the right answer: Every national newspaper has a mobile __________________ of reporters.
• staff

79. If you play __________________ in a business or political situation, you act or negotiate in an aggressive way, and if you play __________________, you don’t.
• hardball, softball

80. Choose the right answer: My television __________________.
• is always broken

81. Choose the right answer: The times is a __________________ paper and caters for the interests of the Tories.
• quality

82. Choose the right answer: If you want to watch TV you __________________ it.
• plug

83. A film describing events leading up to ones in a film made earlier is a __________________.
• prequel

84. Choose the right answer: The __________________ is responsible for the choice of the news, events and stories the reporters cover.
• news editor

85. Choose the right answer: The editor held a conference with his staff to plan the next day’s news __________________.
• coverage

86. Those __________________ disks don’t store nearly enough information.
• floppy

87. Audiences traditionally show their appreciation at the end of a performance and sometimes during it by __________________.
• clapping

88. Choose the right answer: Literaturnaja Gazeta is __________________ by Union of Russian writers.
• published

89. Choose the right answer: Local papers __________________ local, national, and world news.
• publish

90. Choose the right answer: My friend always writes the most __________________ letters.
• boring

91. A program on the grid you create with it to perform mathematical operations is __________________.
• spreadsheet

92. A group of people who have the same interests, who e-mail one another live as a group is __________________.
• chat-room

93. Yesterday at 7 p.m. Her Majesty gave a dinner-party at Windsor Castle for members of the Spanish Royal Family. At noon today Her Majesty will receive the new Ambassador of the Republic of Venezuela at Buckingham Palace.
• court circular

94. Mr Richard Caulder (West Hull, Labour) asked if the Minister of Transport could inform the MPs of train-fare concessions for pensioners. However, the Speaker declared that...
• parliamentary review

95. Choose the right answer: How many __________________ of the magazine have you already got?.
• issues

96. If __________________ parties or politicians get reelected, they receive a fresh mandste from the electorate for a new term of office.
• incumbent

97. Starting overcast with intermittent rain followed by sunny spells, max. temp. 21 C°.
• weather forecast

98. I’m always impressed by people who carry their __________________ on planes and work on them during the flight.
• laptops

99. Viewers __________________ commercial TV have to watch advertisements __________________ petrol, washing machines, soap and many other items which they do not require __________________ and __________________ programmes.
• of, for, between, during

100. The other day I __________________ some photos I’d taken so that I could send them to a friend in America.
• scanned

101. Choose the right answer: We call the written lines in silent or foreign films __________________.
• subtitles

102. Business newspapers often publish __________________ of vacancies companies have.
• advertisements

103. When scanning the photos I just __________________ the mouse and the program __________________.
• clicked, cracked

104. He’s a popular journalist, so he’s not a __________________ journalist. He’s the equivalent of a small-town gossip columnist.
• high-brow

105. Choose the right answer: This magazine is __________________ to housewives.
• addressed

106. The word is that Clinton Roo, 32, playboy son of US steel billionaire Dwight Ross, has left his girlfriend, actress Lee-Ann Vom Post, 26, and is now in Europe.
• gossip column

107. Someone held in prison without being charged or tried is in __________________.
• arbitrary detention

108. Choose the right answer: Who is an anchorperson?
• announcer

109. Company shares are listed or quoted on the __________________.
• stock market

110. Choose the right answer: A __________________ is written opinion of a book, play, film, etc.
• review

111. Commercial TV gets its money __________________ advertising.
• from

112. A device inside a computer that stores large amounts of information is __________________.
• hard disk

113. Prince Edward (left) enjoys a joke with actor Sam Cool (centre).
• caption

114. Choose the right answer: You like to __________________ and watch the talk shows.
• stay up late

115. Programs that you put into a computer to make it run is __________________.
• software

116. Media attention of an intense kind is blanket __________________.
• coverage

117. Now is the time to plant roses. Put trees in at least 2 apart and cover roots with 6” of soil.
• gardening tips

118. Choose the right answer: The __________________ is responsible for the arrangement of the news and features, the size and position of headlines. etc.
• make-up editor

119. Commercial programmes __________________ this channel are financed __________________ different companies which do not have anything to do __________________ the arrengement or content of these programmes.
• on, by, with

120. Premier to probe Riddle of “spics in ministry”.
• headline

121. The cheapest bucket-shop air-return to Hong Kong is now about 480 pounds and Hong Kong is a good base to visit Macao, China and Taiwan. The best season is...
• travel

122. Do you ever visit any __________________ for pop stars or film stars?
• websites

123. Choose the right answer: Newspapers give wide __________________ to world events in all countries.
• coverage

124. Choose the right answer: He asked us to turn the radio __________________ because he was tying to sleep.
• down

125. Choose the right answer: Ted asked his son __________________ the remote control.
• for

126. Choose the right answer: When surfing channels you use a __________________.
• remote control

127. Choose the right answer: I want to watch the football game __________________ channel Six.
• on

128. He received a number of international literary awards, culminations in the Nobel Prize for literature in 1986. He leaves a widow and two sons.
• obituary

129. Choose the right answer: The __________________ is a person, or a corporation, who undertakes the printing of books, newspapers, etc., and their distribution to the public.
• publisher

130. Choose the right answer: Kolokol, __________________ by A.I. Hergen, appeared in London on July 1st, 1857.
• edited

131. Choose the right answer: Telephones, e-mail and faxes are types of __________________.
• communication

132. If some critics like something and others don’t, it gets __________________.
• mixed reviews

133. Choose the right answer: Anyone who hasn’t __________________ the computer will have a problem in finding a good job.
• explored

134. An apparatus that allows information to be read from a disk or stored is __________________.
• disk drive

135. Road holding and fuel cinsumption are good but otherwise the performance lacks zip.
• new car report

136. A writer or broadcster who gives their opinion of a production, performance, record or book in a review or, more formally, a notice is a __________________.
• critic

137. If it looks as if there will be no clear winner or if there is no clear winner in the final outcome, commentators talk about a __________________.
• dead heat

138. Today is a good day to do business but a bad one for romance. Don’t take members of the opposite sex today too seriously.
• horoscope

139. News __________________ at regular intervals.
• is broadcst

140. Choose the right answer: I sent a letter last week and received a __________________ this week.
• reply

141. A lightweight portable computer small enough to fit in your hand is __________________.
• palmtop

142. Choose the right answer: The headlines of “quality” newspapers are __________________ statements, and not editorial yells as in “popular” newspapers.
• information

143. Choose the right answer: You can hear BBC news __________________ all over the world.
• broadcasts

144. Choose the right answer: A __________________ is someone who works in a newspaper office and decides on how the pages should be laid out, how stories need to be out, what headlines should be used and so on.
• sub-editor

145. A machine for transfering pictures and texts into a computer is __________________.
• scanner

146. Choose the right answer: There are a lot of periodicals __________________ in various. Subjects such as politics, finance, economics, science, etc.
• specializing

147. Choose the right answer: Short news __________________ occupied two columns on an inside page.
• items

148. A list of common questions and helpful answers is __________________.

149. Choose the right answer: Our faculty wall newspaper is __________________ by the students themselves.
• produced

150. Choose the right answer: What are the main international problem __________________ today and what is Russia’s stand __________________ them?.
• of, on

151. Choose the right answer: Main news stories in this paper never __________________ over into a following page.
• run

152. Choose the right answer: If the TV programme doesn’t interest you, you __________________ it over to another channel.
• switch

153. Choose the right answer: We talk all the time since he moved __________________.
• next door

154. Choose the right answer: I never __________________ away old letters.
• throw

155. Choose the right answer: Serious news in “popular” newspapers is given in __________________ form or suppressed altogether.
• compressed

156. Choose the right answer: The BBC World Service __________________ throughout the world.
• broadcasts

157. To navigate around the internet, sometimes aimlessly, is __________________.
• to surf the net

158. Choose the right answer: Have you got an extra __________________ of today’s newspaper?.
• copy

159. Choose the right answer: Jane owns four __________________ televisions.
• very large colour

160. Choose the right answer: He has a __________________ television.
• small broken Japanese

161. You really need to use your __________________ disk for all the data you want to store.
• hard

162. Choose the right answer: Local newspaper devote a lot of __________________ to reports of local events.
• a space

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