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Английский язык в сфере юриспруденции (тесты Синергия)

If the principal refuses to ratify the transaction…
no one will be liable for damages
the agent will be liable for damages
the principal will be liable for damages

Choses capable of negotiation are classified as negotiable instruments and include …
bills of lading
bills of exchange
postal orders

The term ‘goods includes all chattels personal that are…

To control rogue dealers, the DG may bring proceedings…
in the Restrictive Practices Court
in the Crown Court
in the High Court

Sole trader…
has limited liability
shares losses with the people he employs
is liable for all his debts

A person cannot be a partner if…
it is a limited company
he or she is an enemy alien
he or she is a minor

A consent of the principal …
must be given in written form
is to be given by deed
can be verbal, in writing or by deed

The mortgagor may create
only one mortgage over the same property
second and subsequent mortgages over the same property
not more than two mortgages over the same property

Employees are entitled to notice which could be a month …
for senior managers
for other managers
for senior clerical workers

The Monopolies and Mergers Commission consists of…
three members
not less than 10 members
not more than 30 members

Fiduciary duties of employees are implied into a contract of employment…
by the common law
are not implied
by statute

A shareholder of a public company can sell his shares freely…
if other shareholders agree
if majority shareholder gives his consent
if the shares are dealt with on the Stock Exchange or the AIM

If a minority shareholder does not agree with the majority…
the majority must agree with him
he must accept the decision of the majority
the court will support him

Leasehold estate which incudes the renewable yearly lease is …
the “term of years”
the “estate by sufferance”
the “estate at will”

Leasehold estate which incudes the renewable yearly lease is …

A holder of bearer shares becomes a member of the company…
if Articles of the company allow that
according to the decision of the directors of the company

A mortgage is void against a subsequent purchaser
if it is legal without title deed
if it is not registered in the Land Charges Registry
if it is not legal

Directors of a public company can be appointed…
at the age under 70
at the age under 60
at any age

General agents have …
unlimited authority
authority for a specific purpose
authority to act within certain limits

In case of trespass to land the duty is owed …
to the possessor if he is the owner
to the owner
to the possessor even if he is not the owner

In a bankruptcy the estate of an insolvent person passes…
into the control of a trustee
into the control of the creditors
into the control of the bankruptcy court

A shareholder has the right…
to sell the assets of the company
to give instructions to the directors of the company
to receive a proportion of the profits of the company

A subsidiary company is owned…
by a partnership
by a sole trader
by a holding company

The East India Company was created…
by Royal Charter
under Companies Act
by special Act of Parliament

The highest court of appeal in Britain is….
Civil Court of Appeal
House of Lords
Criminal Court of Appeal

Public limited companies can have…
two directors
no directors
one director

Agency of necessity can arise on condition that …
there is some emergency
the person charged with responsibility can get instructions from the owner of the property
there are no pre-existing contracts giving the agent responsibility for the property of another

The bankruptcy order is published in…
the Business Week
the London Gazette
the Financial Times

A company which develops a new product, protects this invention
by an insurance policy
by a share certificate
by a patent

The capital clause of the Memorandum states.

the authorized Capital
the capital assets
the actual capital raised

Ratification of the contract can be possible if
it takes place after the time fixed for the performance of the contract
it concerns a part of the contract
the contract is not void or a forgery

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