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Английский язык Тест 4 МЭСИ без ответов

... our dog big?

... your friends here?




A close glass electron tube with no air in it, used for controlling a flow of electricity in radio or TV.

A computer that can simulate different measurements by electronic means. It continiously works out calculations.

A fortnight means _____ weeks.

A small semiconductor which operates as an amplifier is... 

An ancientinstrument for calculation is ...

Come here John! I need to talk to ______ .

Do you know that girl? - Yes, I live next door to ____ .

Emma and Betty ___ good friends.

He … a farm in the North of England.

He … a family of his own.

I can't find my glasses. I don't remember where I put ________ .

I can't find my shoes. Where are___ ?

I think we are lost. Where are ____?

I've got no pen to write with. I'l ask Mary to give me ___ ?

I've lost my key. May I take ___ ?

I… a well-paid job.

Making things on a very small scale is ...

Mary … her breakfast at seven.

My boss ... angry.

My elder brother looks like ____ mother.

My father ___ at work.

My pencil is broken. Can I borrow ________?

My uncle has a new house. ___ built it himself

My work ... easy.

Ok! See you on _____ of April.

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