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Английский язык Тест 2 (семестр 4) МЭСИ без ответов




A group of scientists succeeded in developing a new kind of a computer.


Algorithmic languages are used for programming economic problems.


All the preparations should be completed in a week.


Another advantage is that the instructions themselves are not changed.


At our institute … scientific circles.


Books on various subjects … through the library.


For the useful article to be found they do it.


Having concluded his research a scientist carefully noted the results.


He knows English well. He … translate this article next week.


He must have lost his book somewhere.


He said he … at our University.


He said of some interesting program having been written in the laboratory.


He says that the defective parts … .


He showed that computers could work well.


He wanted his program to be written in Basic.


He was sure the matter … .


He … the company for three years.


Heat was transformed into work.


His having translated this article became known to us.


I didn’t know Mr. Bell … as a finance director.


I remember having been asked some questions by you.


I remember my having spoken to some of them about the possibility of getting this magazine.


I think the game … very interesting.


I was told of his having gone to Petersburg for a few days.


I … finish this work yesterday.


I … not ring you up yesterday. Something was wrong with my telephone.


I … the University in 1997.


If he could come he would take part in making decisions.


Information about the things people need will help firms to decide what to produce.


It is important that the law be observed.

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