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Английский язык Тест 1 МЭСИ (семестр 2) (3) без ответов

HAVING once MADE my decision I wanted to establish it as soon as possible


HAVING COMPLETED her research she published an article


TURNING ON the dishwasher, I noticed immediately that it was not working properly


Goods BOUGHT in the sales cannot be exchanged


HAVING DISCUSSED everything, we started working


HAVING DONE the exercise he began to doubt whether it was correct.


HAVING DONE OUR SHOPPING we went for a cup of coffee


HAVING HAD some practical training he coped with the job better than we expected.


HAVING LIVED in Spain for two years, I am now accustomed to hot weather


HAVING SPENT a week in the country she felt better


HAVING STUDIED the problem in detail he was able to answer any questions


He had suits and coats MADE to order


He went out SURROUNDED by his students


KNOWING a lot of words he didn’t use a dictionary


KNOWING him well I could recommend him as a good specialist.


She told me of the parcel DELIVERED in the morning.


The book ORDERED by me will arrive in a few days


The building BEING CONSTRUCTED in our street is of modern design


The computer BOUGHT by me just last year, is already out of date


The experiments BEING CARRIED ON in our laboratory are very interesting


The manager looked through the documents SENT to him


The people INVITED to the conference have arrived


WHILE TRANSLATING the article I looked up some words in the dictionary


When CROSSING the street be careful


When FILLING IN a form you must write your name and address clearly


Определите функцию Participle I в предложении. A person BRINGING good news is always welcome


Определите функцию Participle I в предложении. BEING very tired, we refused to go for a walk.


Определите функцию Participle I в предложении. ENTERING the room, she turned on the light


Определите функцию Participle I в предложении. He had a good time DANCING at the club


Определите функцию Participle I в предложении. I love the noise of FALLING rain

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