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Английский язык Тест 1 МЭСИ (семестр 2) (2) без ответов

A lot of ..... are advertised in newspapers.

Applications for the ..... of chief engineer must be received by May 24th.

Haig has been hotel ..... for many years.

He spent some hours in going from factory to factory, asking for ..... .

Henry decided to ask the ..... for more money.

I have been offered a ..... with a shipping company.

I have to be at a meeting of department ..... downstairs at three.

I met Linda on the way to ..... .

I want you to send me the details of the ..... advertised in today’s paper.

In the theatre ..... is a person who stages a play, deciding how to interpret the text, instructing the actors, and so on.

It’s a very interesting film. Do you happen to know who the ..... is?

Paul Schneider is a bank ..... .

Recently Paul has been promoted to ..... engineer.

She’s got a lot of ..... to do in the house.

The ..... of the museum is usually called the curator.

The ..... waiter showed them to their table.

The government promised to create more ..... .

The head of a local police force is called ..... constable.

The principle of equal pay for equal ..... has now been accepted.

There is always a lot of ..... to be done in the garden.

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