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Английский язык Expressing the Future

1. Why are you turning on the TV? - I am going to watch the news.
2. Oh, I have just realised. I haven't got any money. -Don't worry.I "will" lend you some.
My bicycle is broken. - Okay, but I can't do it now. I will repair it tomorrow.
I'm very worried about my examination next week. - Don't worry,Nick, you will pass it.
We are going to the theatre this evening. does the film begin at 3.30?
Can you come on Monday evening? - Sorry, I'd love to, but I am playing volleyball.
7. The man can't see where he is going. There is a hole in front of him. - He "is going to"fall down in the hole.
Look at those black clouds! - It is going to rain.
I've won a lot of money. - What are you going to do with it?
I am too tired to walk home. I think, I will get a taxi.
Bill isn't free on Saturday. He is working.