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Английский 2 семестр (ответы на тесты Синергия)

The company … only four people and they all work in one office.

This office building … a meeting room.
doesn’t have
not have

When I … it … yesterday.
woke up, was raining
wake up, was raining
woke up, rained

Why don’t you buy a self-study course?
Yes, there is.
OK, I’ll take a look at one.

I … you later, OK?
‘ll call

Is there a car park?
OK. What is it?
Yes, there is.

What do you think?
Yes, I do.
I think we need to target young people.

How about a cup of tea?
Yes, please.
OK. What is it?

Mr Albert … to meetings.
doesn’t go
not go
isn’t go

She … her work already.
has finished
hasn’t finished

I … for you for more than one hour.
was waiting
has waited
have been waiting

Yesterday my flight … at about three o’clock in the afternoon.
Tomorrow at five he … football.
’11 play
’11 be playing

Next week, she’s moving to a new flat because her old one is … from the office.
too far
far enough

Will you … the bank when you go out?
have passed
be passing

A. … training to do my job properly.
B. I’m sorry. It’s just not possible.
Can I have your
I need some

His grandfather … from his job a year ago.
has retired
was retiring

Now I … for a taxi.
am waiting

He … it for an hour before I came.
have been doing
had been doing
had been done

They … for 20 minutes when his mother came in.
had been talking
were talking

Can I speak to Jorge Ramos, please?
OK, I’ll take a look at one.
I’m afraid he isn’t in the office today.

There’s something I’d like to talk to you about.
Yes, please.
OK. What is it?

When … in Thailand?
have you arrived
did you arrive

A. … my new camera.
B. Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that.
I’m afraid I can’t make
I have a problem with

you … many cities when you were in France.
are visiting
have visited
did visit

My suggestion is to go for a cocktail.
Yes, I do.
That’s a great idea.

She started her job last year, … April.

The room looks very clean … you … it?
Do, clean
Have, cleaned
Did, clean

I … my breakfast.
have already had

Karina is … but she lives and works in London.